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Dec 2

A man from Texas was arrested at the airport in Fort Myers, Florida after he was busted drinking his own alcohol on a flight.

The 34-year-old man was flying into Florida when airline crews said they saw him drinking his own alcohol on the plane which is against airline policy.

The man said he wasn’t drinking, but slugged the rest of what was in a cup he was drinking out of when the crew asked him to hand it over.

He was so drunk that cops had to sit him in a wheelchair because he was having a hard time standing


A  French chef has earned a World Record after creating a pizza topped with 254 varieties of cheese.

Benoit Bruel cooked up the pizza in Lyons, and he told Guinness officials that he thought it was important for the record to be held by France, which is known for its cheeses.

Guinness shared a video of him weighing out each portion of cheese to make sure it was enough to qualify for the world record.