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JAN 5.

Some Restaurants s are getting creative when it comes to surviving the pandemic.

The Little Traverse Inn is located in  in Michigan, It has built five ice shanties to continue to allow for outdoor dining in the winter temperatures.

The shanties cost a total of $25,000 and were designed and decorated by local artists.

Each of the structures contains a private dining room for up to six people.

The owner of the restaurant says opening the shanties in December led to an influx of reservations and allowed the business to bring its employees back to work.


A Florida man was arrested after he sprayed himself with a fire extinguisher.

Florida State University police found the 54-year-old man in a parking garage with an extinguisher and his body was covered in powder.

He said he had been drinking, fell asleep and then fell in water when he woke up. He said he was trying to dry himself off and thought the fire extinguisher would do the trick.

Turns out, interfering with firefighter equipment is a third-degree felony.