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1 spam record

JAN 7.

A Tennessee restaurant broke a Guinness World Record by assembling a 1,120-pound dish of Spam musubi, a sushi-like dish involving rice and Spam layers wrapped in seaweed.

Kimo's Hawaiian Bar and Grill in Clarksville said the record attempt raised funds for local non-profits

The chefs aimed to defeat the previous world record of 628 pounds, and ended up nearly doubling it with a 1,120-pound Spam musubi.


A team of United Arab Emirates chefs came together to break a Guinness World Record by baking 2,209 pies and arranging them into a line.

The record attempt, featured chefs baking pear pies at  a esort in Dubai and arranging them into a single line. The pies were donated to a local charity.

The line of 2,209 pies broke the previous record of 1,608 pies, which was set in Australia in 2016