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A BC Police Officer  investigating a witness' report of a severed foot at the side of a road made a considerably less alarming discovery -- a discarded mannequin foot.

The Delta Police Department said an officer on foot in Ladner was stopped by a passing driver.

"The driver appears quite distraught and states that there is a severed foot roadside by the pump house," the department said in a Facebook post.

The post said the officer went to the location and discovered the object was "luckily" not a human body part, but rather "the foot of a mannequin."

"If you happen upon a mannequin with a missing left foot, let them know that it can be found at the Delta Police Department," the post said.


A  home for sale in Vermont is garnering attention online for an unusual feature -- seven jail cells in what was formerly a county jail.

The home is  listed for sale on, served as the jailer's residence before it ceased operations  in 1969.

 "The jail still exhibits the original prison cells with barred windows & the Jailers Office," the listing states.

The home, listed for $149,000, also includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances.