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1 chicken at mcdonalds

JAN. 11

Police in New Jersey responded to a McDonald's parking lot where a pair of chickens were reported "wreaking havoc" and chasing customers.

The Washington Township Police Department said in a Facebook post that an animal control officer was dispatched on a report of "a flock of chickens 'wreaking havoc' at  their local McDonald’s

An  officer arrived to find two chickens "'harassing' and 'chasing' customers and pecking at car tires," the department said.

The animal control officer was able to capture the chickens with help from the manager of the McDonald's eatery, police said.

The chickens were taken to the Common Sense for Animals shelter, where they were later claimed by their owners.


An Indian athlete broke a Guinness World Record when he managed to complete 85 four-finger pushups in 1 minute.

The former weightlifting champion, took on the record for four-finger pushups and completed 85 of the exercises with only two fingers from each hand touching the ground.

The man beat the previous record of 70 pushups in 1 minute, which was achieved by fellow India resident in 2018.