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July 9

Animal rescuers in New Zealand said a cat with a plastic peanut butter jar stuck over its head was captured after two weeks of evading rescue.

The manager of the Matamata Animal Trust, said the cat with the jar stuck over its head was first spotted about two weeks ago in a resident's back yard, but the feline was able to see through the plastic peanut butter jar and fled from attempted rescue attempts.

The manager said she received word Monday that the cat had been seen nearly 3 miles from where it had previously been seen Friday.

This time they were able  to catch the cat  and it was  taken to a veterinarian to have the jar removed.

The cat , now dubbed Peanut, is recovering from his ordeal and will be placed with a foster family.


A luxury hotel preparing to open in South Africa is offering guests the chance to spend the night in a train permanently parked on a bridge.

The Train on the Bridge, a hotel being constructed from an old train  in Kruger National Park, features 24 carriage rooms in retired train cars parked on the bridge's tracks.

The operators of the luxury hotel said there is currently no opening date due to construction being paused amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are currently aiming to start accommodating guests by December of this year. Stays at the hotel, which include meals and guided vehicle tours of the park's wildlife, begin at $520 per night.

Hotel officials said only guests older than 12 will be allowed to stay in the train cars, but family-friendly "Bridge House" rooms are planned to be in operation by 2022.