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July 14

A man recently proposed to his girlfriend in Ashton, Idaho, right next to Mesa Falls.

However, the proposal went a little differently because the man decided to play a little prank on his girlfriend before actually popping the question.

In a TikTok video, the man is seen getting down on one knee when he “accidentally” drops the ring box over the cliff.  

His girlfriend looks over the edge in complete shock, thinking her ring is long gone, while the man is trying not to laugh.

While her back is turned, the man pulls out the real ring and proposes as she turns around. She said yes.


Would you get on a plane that never takes off just to feel like you were going on vacation?

People in Taiwan are doing just that. An airport  in downtown Taipe has started offering travelers this free “trip” 

Some 60 people were  first chosen from more than 7,000 that wanted to get on a plane and go nowhere.

The passengers got boarding passes, had to go through security, and then boarded an Airbus A330 owned by China Airlines.

Flight attendants chatted with them, and the passengers also listened to a lecture about COVID-19 prevention before disembarking.

They then had to go back through immigration to re-enter the country.