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Seven  years ago an Ohio man gave up on what he loves, riding roller coasters, because he weighed 430 pounds and couldn’t fit on the rides.

Last year in August, his life changed with the announcement that Orion was coming to Kings Island. He was going to ride it no matter what.

He reduced his diet to 2,000 calories and exercised daily in his garage. Ten months and 190 pounds later, the man rode Orion for the 5th time.

The man said the thrill of the ride was worth it and he plans to ride it over and over again.


No doubt a little  more excitement to their day than they had planned.

 A man and woman had to be rescued by New York City firefighters on Sunday (July 19th) when their commercial raft (shaped like a giant swan) was sucked into the East River..

The FDNY dispatched a boat to rescue them around 4:30 p.m. after officers were informed that the pool toy had unwittingly sailed into “heavy marine traffic.”

The couple was evaluated by EMS workers when they returned to the shore—no injuries were reported.