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July 23

An elderly Florida woman didn’t know what else to do when her refrigerator broke down, so she called 911.

The woman was so distraught that her food would spoil that she called the emergency line.


The dispatcher sent deputies to the woman’s home.


The officers talked to the woman about reserving 911 for emergencies, but also made the woman’s day.


They made arrangements with the Jensen Beach Goodwill to donate a gently used refrigerator to the woman. They even had it delivered.


A man sawed his neighbor’s garage in half due to a dispute over the boundary line between the two properties, in Maine . 

The man used a land surveyor’s results between the two lots as a guide to remove the half of the building sitting on his land when a dispute over the boundary line boiled over.

He has since installed a partial fence with cameras on their side of the driveway with his wife saying “fences make good neighbors.”