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 July 28

A rare blue lobster delivered to a Red Lobster restaurant in Ohio was spared from gracing a patron's dinner plate when employees found it a new home at a zoo. The Akron Zoo said staff at the Red Lobster spotted the blue crustacean in a delivery and recognized it as a rare specimen


The eatery contacted the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which in turn contacted the zoo about giving a new home to the lobster, which was dubbed "Clawde" after Red Lobster's mascot. A zoo employee traveled to the eatery and brought Clawde to his new home.


The zoo said Clawde's color is caused by a genetic abnormality believed to affect about one in every 2 million lobsters.


A woman in North Carolina is giving away face masks via the tree outside her home. 

The woman was laid off of her job as a preschool teacher and then began to use her sewing skills to create face masks for her family and friends.

The masks were so popular, she decided to make more and share them with her neighbors. 

She began taping the masks to a tree and the first batch disappeared in no time.

The woman believes she has created somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 masks.