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AUG 31

An Ohio woodworker's latest creation: A bar that caters to neighborhood squirrels.


The 35-year-old hobbyist has been creating art and household items from wood for most of his life.


This time, his fun twist on a squirrel feeder has made him Internet famous.


"The Nutty Bar," which is attached to his backyard fence, looks just like a real bar, and even has a range of nuts on tap.


The guy says his favorite part of the bar is its quirky bathroom sign: "Nuts" and "No Nuts."


After posting a video on YouTube showing the build process, the guy said he was "overwhelmed" with comments and requests to purchase the bar. He immediately applied for a design patent and is now planning to launch a business to sell The Nutty Bar for about $175 - $200.


WOULD BE  Criminal Mastermind Tries To Hold Up Pawn Shop Right After Buying Sword

A 19-year-old in Minneapolis bought a sword at a pawn shop, pulled it out and told the cashier to give him money.

While in custody, the teen told officers that he thought the idea was funny.

He is now charged with one count of first-degree aggravated robbery. If convicted, he faces up to a decade in prison.