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Sept 2

A 47-year-old Miami woman released from jail on Monday, returned to jail  again shortly after for vandalizing vehicles in the jail parking lot.

She was initially arrested on Sunday and charged with tampering with evidence. She was released from the jail Monday.

The woman was caught on security footage with an unknown object in her had that she moved from a nearby trash can. Deputies went to investigate and found 5 vehicles scratched with a metal object.

The woman was then taken back to jail.She was charged with five counts of causing damage to property.


A restaurant in Chicago is offering the most expensive peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever.

PB&J is offering the luxury version of the  classic which includes gold leaf-dusted bread, a special redcurrant jam imported from France, all-natural peanut butter and a rare Manuka honey from New Zealand.

The sandwich costs $350 and a percentage of the sandwich proceeds are donated to Chicago Hopes for Kids which is a charity which provides educational support for children living in homeless shelters