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Sept 3

A diver who takes near-daily plunges into California's American River said he encountered an unusual item under water -- a prosthetic leg  and was able to return it to its owner. 

Karl Bly, who runs the American River Lost & Found Facebook, said he regularly finds phones and other devices at the bottom of the water, but the prosthetic leg discovery was a first for him. 

Bly posted a photo of the leg on his Facebook page and he soon received a message from the leg's owner, a man named Scott. 

Bly said the man told him the leg would have cost $15,000 to replace, making it the most expensive item the diver has fished out of the river this year.


Sanitation workers cleaning out a vault toilet in the Flathead National Forest in Montana say they found a  phone” at the bottom of the toilet tank and were shocked to find it still works.

The men spotted the iPhone 11 Pro while cleaning a toilet near Holland Lake. They say they sanitized it, plugged it in, and then couldn’t believe it worked.

They also said they weren’t able to get any information from the phone until they popped out the SIM card and then put it into another phone.

They left a voicemail for the phone’s owner, who they say was also shocked the phone still worked well enough to get her information off of it.