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Sepyt 8

A Kentucky driver was pulled over last  week  after police officers noticed his license plate was hand-drawn.

After investigating, officers learned that the driver also had no insurance and was driving on a suspended license.

The Millersberg Police department also offered a tip to anyone else looking to draw their own license plate, "Don’t forget to draw the registration sticker."


A Memphis man called 911 more than 1100 times over the past 6 weeks, which he asked a dispatcher “if they wanted to buy egg rolls.”

Investigators say the man began dialing from his cell phone in mid-July. By the time he was arrested, he had logged 1171 calls to 911 even though he “did not have an emergency.”

Last  week  the man placed 32 calls to 911 and asked if the dispatcher “wanted to buy egg rolls and then disconnected the line.”

He was arrested and was charged with making non-emergency phone calls to 911.