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Sept 9

An Illinois man is seeking Guinness World Records recognition as the world's oldest scuba diver after he took a plunge into the water to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Bill Lambert of Rockford suited up Monday, two days after he turned 100, and went for a 27-minute scuba dive .

The world's oldest scuba diver record is currently held by a  British diver, who took a dive in 2019 at the age of 96 years and 3 days.

Lambert said he went diving in Mexico at age 98, but the dive was not submitted for Guinness recognition.  The diver, who had to stay underwater for at

least 20 minutes to qualify, said he is hoping to beat his own record by diving at age 101 next year.


An Oregon man broke a Guinness World Record for "swuggling" -- swimming while juggling -- when he completed 101 catches without interruption.

Bob Evans, a fifth-grade teacher  climbed into the water at Sunset Pool in Sunset and juggled five balls while swimming to break the record.

Evans completed 101 catches, far surpassing the previous record of 25. A video of the feat was shared on YouTube by the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District.

The swimmer said Guinness had strict rules for the attempt, including ensuring that none of the balls touched the water and his feet never touched the ground while swuggling.