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An Idaho man set a new state record for catch-and-release fishing when he reeled in a flathead catfish that measured 42 inches long.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said Jared Holt was fishing in the Snake River when he reeled in the "monster catfish."

The department said the fish, caught  beat the previous record of 38.5 inches, which was caught in 2018


Some  folks  travelling through New Mexico felt ill-at-ease when they saw a porta-potty rolling along a major road.

It seems the portable toilet was dislodged from its perch by winds _ and the gusts blew it along a busy intersection along Route 66.

Internet watchers caught wind of this because some motorists caught sight of it on their smartphones  and posted images online.

Apparently no one was inside the wayward waystation and no injuries were reported.