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1 bad badger


A badger is causing a bit of a STIR in Battleford.   The mayor of the Saskatchewan community, Ames Leslie, says their public safety team has removed the badger several times but it keeps coming back.  Last Friday, Leslie says there was a report it was ``sunbathing beside the post office.''

Leslie says badgers aren't cute and cuddly -- he says they're aggressive and shouldn't be approached.

He says if the ``Battleford Badger'' refuses to leave, then Battleford will have to leave the decision about what to do up to conservation officer .


The pandemic has caused many big life events to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Currently, in England, only 30 people are to attend a wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

So a couple that planned to have 100 guests attend their wedding has spent over $2,500 having cardboard cut-outs of their guests made, and only had 14 people physically attend their wedding.

They say they had all their guests send them photos of themselves and went from there.

The bride says, “It worked out at the same price as what it would have cost to have them all here but we saved on the booze!”