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Sept 16

An emergency medical technician in Wales raised money for the Welsh Ambulance Service and broke a Guinness World Record when he took 2,075 soccer penalty shots in 24 hours.

32 year old Stephen Ford, 32,  took on the record  with an aim of beating  an Indian player”s record of 1,111 penalty shots in 24 hours.

Ford, manager of the Welsh Ambulance Football Club in the Emergency Services Football League, surpassed the record in only about eight hours and ended up nearly doubling it with a final total of 2,075.

Guinness rules required a soccer official and a goalkeeper to be present for all of the shots for them to be counted toward the record.


A mountain community in North Carolina has proclaimed that Bigfoot is the “Social distancing world champion.”

The people in McDowell County usually celebrate the mythical creature in July, but this year they’re taking a different approach.

Their big celebration was called off in July, and now the county is hosting a “Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt” this month instead.

For this scavenger hunt people will have to hunt for Bigfoot emblems which are scattered throughout the county.

The list of emblems is available online or at the McDowell County visitor center.

Participants must take a picture of each emblem they find, and then when they’ve collected enough they can email them in for a prize.