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A restaurant in New York City installed “space bubbles” on the sidewalk so customers could eat in the colder months. 

The 18 plastic tents were installed recently outside the restaurant. 

The “space bubbles” will help keep outdoor diners warm during the colder months while still maintaining proper social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.  


A man in the Philippines was pretty stoked to buy a weathered-looking surfboard that was found floating off the coast. The fisherman who found it had thought it might have fallen from a yacht cruising in the area.

Turns out, it came from Hawaii, which is about 5,000 miles away, after a big-wave surfer's wipeout more than two years ago.

That surfer is Doug Falter, and the board was a custom-made Lyle Carlson surfboard.

The guy who ended up with the board contacted Carlson online, and Carlson in turn posted a pic of the surfboard and tagged Falter on Instagram.

Falter was thrilled to discover it had been found, and the guy who has it says he is more than happy to return it.

Falter says he’s bringing him a new board and will teach him how to surf as a ‘thank you’ for returning the board.