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An event in Britain saw new land speed world records being set for two unusual vehicles -- a wheelchair and a motorized trash can.

The Straightliners Land Speed Record event at tan airfield, near York, England, saw various vehicles take to the runway in an attempt to set new land speed records.

28 year old Andy Jennings,  a design engineer, showed up with one of the more unusual vehicles of the event -- a motorized wheelie bin trash can.

Jennings said Guinness World Records set a goal of 30 mph to take the record for the world's fastest trash can, a goal he exceeded by reaching 43 mph in his unusual vehicle, which was constructed with a motorcycle engine and parts from a mobility scooter.

44 year old Jason Liversidge, also set a record at the event by taking his custom-built electric wheelchair to 67 mph, breaking the previous 62 mph speed record for a motorized wheelchair


The city council of Munich in Germany has voted unanimously to name a street after Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

Queen's website reports it was a five-year effort on behalf of German radio station , which decided that there were not enough ``rocking street names'' in Germany.

The station filed the paperwork in 2015 to request a street name for Mercury, who had recorded five albums in Munich. ``Freddie Mercury Street'' will be near the Olympic Hall, where Queen performed many times.-