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A McDonald’s worker in the U.K. recently went viral when she was filmed paying for a customer’s order because of a nice gesture he made while ordering.

It turns out this worker regularly pays for meals as a way of rewarding kind or thoughtful behavior. 

She only gets paid about $9 per hour working at a McDonald’s in Coventry, England, but that doesn’t stop her from using her own money to help out certain customers.

By her own account, she’s spent about $64 since she started working at the restaurant in January.


A cyclist raising money for Yemen relief said he rode exactly 69 miles per day to travel from Poo Poo Point in Washington state to Pee Pee Creek in Ohio.

Ruben Lopez of Chicago said his  journey began Aug. 18 at Poo Poo Point in Washington state and it took him 36 days to arrive at Ohio's Pee Pee Creek, a journey of over 2,500 miles.

Lopez, who said he is traveling exactly 69 miles each day said his trip is still not over -- he is planning to complete his 5,000-mile journey at Pee Pee Island in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He said he decided to take on the  ride" as a way to raise money for the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, which provides humanitarian aid to the war-torn country.