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A resident of Hell, Mich., is offering the chance to be "Mayor of Hell" for one day by renting out a specially outfitted "lair" on Airbnb.

John Colone, the self-proclaimed "mayor" of the town, which has no official mayor, said his "Mayor's Lair" tiny house will be available for three one-night stays that come with his unofficial title for 24 hours.


The "Mayor's Lair" includes a queen-sized bed, gothic-style sitting area, fire pit, outdoor movie screen and supply of locally grown pumpkins to carve.


The property is listed for the nights of Oct. 18, 21 and 24. Each stay costs $31, in honor of Halloween taking place on Oct. 31.


 A college student in the U.K. needed to be rescued by firefighters after getting her legs stuck inside a clothes dryer.

The 21 year old  says she and her friends were drinking wine and tequila on  a Tuesday night when she was challenged to try and fit inside the appliance.

The gal who attends University of Hull, says she climbed in legs-first, and even managed to shimmy in her hips before she realized she’d made a terrible mistake.

She was unable to uncross her legs inside the dryer and her roommates were unable to free her.

Firefighters were able to free  the  woman within 20 minutes, and of course her friends filmed the whole debacle.