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Police, animal control and state wildlife officers were summoned to a Florida neighborhood in which an emu was reported running loose and chasing locals on the street.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the emu escaped on the west side of the city Thursday and led deputies, animal control officers and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers on a chase through several neighborhoods.  Witnesses said the emu was chasing pedestrians before authorities arrived.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Karen Parker said the emu was captured when it wandered to a local business, , and basically entered a dead-end.

Parker said the large bird's owner was out of town, and it had been left in the care of a friend when it escaped


A little thing like death didn't stop a Romanian politician from winning a landslide victory in a mayoral election.

Ion Aliman won his third term as mayor of the small village of Deveselu, 10 days after he died of COVID-19 complications.

His death came too late to remove his name from the  ballot, but hundreds of residents in the town of just over three-thousand still voted for Aliman in his memory.

 After the vote, a large group of villagers visited his grave to light candles and pay their respects.