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1 drunk ghost


A British woman who got engaged to a ghost has now called off the wedding because he kept disappearing and partying too much.

She said she fell in love with a spirit named “Ray” in 2018 while visiting Australia and they even consummated the relationship on the flight back home.

When they returned home the woman says the spirit  would  bring other spirits back to their home and they’d hang around for days.

She says the  'couple” agreed to call off the wedding' when he started doing drugs and partying too much.


It almost makes having to wear a mask worth it.  It seems breathable bacon masks are now available.

The makers of Hormel’s Black Label bacon announced the launch of its Breathable Bacon, a first-of-its-kind innovation that is essentially a bacon-scented face mask.

The  item is just the  latest in pork-scented technology , consisting of a two-ply, multi-fiber cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around the nose and mouth.

Now through Oct. 28, fans can visit and enter for a chance to receive a free, limited-edition package of Breathable Bacon.