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A Texas woman is going head to head with her homeowner's association after complaints were filed over her "inappropriate" Halloween decorations that show skeletons dancing on poles.

She received a letter on Sunday saying she has 30 days to remove the decorations.The letter said the decorations are "offensively positioned."

She says, "It's modeled after an adult club..She hasn't had neighbors approach her with complaints.

But since Halloween is this weekend, and falls before the HOA's deadline, she's going to leave her decorations in her yard.


A man named Matthew Dunkle has been riding his bicycle around Concord, West Concord, and Maynard, Massachusetts wearing a headless horseman costume while playing the guitar.

The 38-year-old has been doing this for months, and says while his costume might seem like a perfectly-timed gag for the Halloween season, it’s just the latest in his“passion project” that  he started five years ago.

He started riding around in costumes back in 2015 as a way to embrace and celebrate life after going through some tough times, and he loved the response he got after donning his first costume.