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A Miller High Life fan in Wisconsin won his very own backyard dive bar after entering a contest hosted by the beer brand.

The 79-year-old man won the ultimate dive bar prize and had the small bar, which is valued at $10,000, installed in his daughter’s backyard… because it wouldn’t fit in his.   

The bar is also equipped with enough beer to “for the rest of 2020,” or about 2-months’ worth.


A pair of animal control officers in New Jersey came to the rescue of a deer spotted with a plastic pumpkin stuck over its head.

 Montclair Township Animal Control said two officers responded after multiple calls came in about a deer with its head stuck inside a decorative plastic pumpkin.


A video shared by the township's animal shelter shows the pumpkin being removed from the head of the deer after the animal was captured in a large net. The pumpkin was safely removed, but the deer was then able to tear its way out of the net.