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November 2

A couple in Oklahoma got married at the drive-thru of a Dunkin’ where they met and fell in love. 

The man and woman first met in 2015, when she was working the drive-thru during his daily trips for coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

She eventually gave him her business card (and phone number and they soon became a couple.

When it came time to propose, he even popped the question in the parking lot.

The couple recently tied the knot at the Dunkin’ where she still works as a manager.  They even had a doughnut bouquet and doughnut cake.


Employees at a library in Ohio reunited a customer with the diamond that fell off her wedding ring after the gem was found in a bin of quarantined returns.

The woman was using the book drop at the library when her wedding ring became snagged on a piece of metal and the quarter-karat diamond ripped free from the ring.

The book return bins have to be quarantined for 7 days after being filled as part of COVID-19 safety measures, so the woman had to wait a week before she found out if the diamond was gone for good. 

One week later, after the quarantine period had elapsed, staff carefully unpacked the bin, checked in materials, and, at the very bottom of the container, found the stone and returned it to the woman.