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A  Newfoundland and Labrador family is trying to find the owner of a wedding ring found in a child's candy bag after a night of trick-or-treating.

A woman and her son didn't realize until the end of the night that someone had apparently dropped their wedding ring into his bag while he was trick-or-treating Saturday in St. John's.

The mom said her son visited dozens of homes during his three hour quest for candy and does not know at what point in the evening the ring fell into his bag.

The mother said she is keeping details of the ring's appearance under wraps for the moment so the rightful owner can describe it to prove ownership.

The family has put up flyers in the neighborhood and  a neighborhood  school  got involved by posting about the ring on social media.


A  Texas high school shared security camera footage of teachers and an animal control officer chasing a loose raccoon through the halls.

Trinity High School Principal Mike Harris shared security camera footage of the scene that unfolded at a  school when a raccoon made its way into the building.

The video shows a group of seven teachers and an animal control officer chasing the raccoon through the empty hallways of the school for several moments. The raccoon eventually darts out of the building through an open door.