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Nov 25

A group of five Florida women broke a Guinness World Record when they collectively walked 2.04 miles barefoot over a pile of Lego bricks. 

Katie Wells, founder and CEO of lifestyle website Wellness Mama, gathered friends Ashley, Savanna, Grace and Cat to break the record for farthest distance traveled by walking barefoot on Lego bricks by a relay team in 1 hour.


Each woman had to complete a minimum 20 laps on the 32.8-foot track in the one hour time limit to break the record, and they exceeded their own expectations by achieving a total distance of 2.04 miles on the track. The Lego track was created at a gym in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


A Florida couple gave people quite a show in Tampa  recently.

The couple were arrested after pulling over to the side of the road on an area  Highway  to get it on.

The couple later confessed to engaging in the act  and both have since been charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, a felony.