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November 27

A  newly opened business in Poland is offering training services for scuba divers in its 148-foot-deep pool -- the deepest swimming pool in the world.

Deepspot, which opened its doors  this past weekend  boasts a 148-foot-deep pool that holds more than 280,000 cubic feet of water -- the same amount as 27 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The pool features underwater caves, recreations of Mayan ruins and a shipwreck reproduction. The pool is designed for scuba training and will be used to train divers for the Polish army and firefighters, officials said. 

The business also features a hotel with underwater views, a tunnel for spectators to watch the divers, a restaurant and several meeting rooms.


A young woman from Georgia has surprised the Roman Museum in Italy by returning a relic she stole.

 The anonymous package, postmarked, Atlanta, Georgia arrived at the Roman museum this month.

 In it, was a fragment of ancient marble with the message in black pen -- ``To Sam, love Jess, Rome 2017.''

  Jess also included a note apologizing.

 Last month a Canadian woman returned fragments of a relic from the ancient city of Pompeii she stole 15 years ago.   She claimed it was ``cursed.''