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April 3

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of wedding plans have gone into shutdown _ in many cases because many jurisdictions have imposed limits on the size of gatherings. But tomorrow, a couple in Michigan will tie the knot _ with more than 100 guests on hand. They aren't breaking the rules _ but they are thinking outside the box. When  the couple say their  I do’s   they will have 100 cardboard cut-outs as stand-ins for guests who will miss the event because of Michigan's stay-at-home order. The cut-outs were donated by a packaging firm..


 A family in Maryland hosted a drive-thru baby shower. A line of cars packed the street the couple lives on. One-by-one, the vehicles dropped off diapers and gifts in front of their home. About 40 people attended the drive-thru baby shower. The couple is expecting their first child in May.