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May 5

Police in Germany shared a photo from the rescue of a hungry hedgehog that got its head stuck in a discarded milkshake cup.

Police said officers found the hedgehog struggling to free itself from the cup in the middle of a road.

Police said the hedgehog was apparently drawn to the smell of what was left in the banana-flavored milkshake cup after it was discarded.

Officers were able to pull the cup off the animal's head and the hedgehog was released into a nearby meadow.


Officials say five winners have been declared in this year's annual lottery to guess when the Yukon River ice will give way at Dawson City.

A record number of tickets were sold for the Ice Guessing Lottery even though sales had to move online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organizers say the contest hit another snag when a clock failed to mark the exact time of the ice giving way due to a technical malfunction.

But they say there were enough eye witnesses to confirm it occurred at 5:03 p-m  Sunday - leaving the winners with $884.25 each