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May 6

A woman in Ohio caught a “beer fairy” dropping off packages on her front porch with her doorbell camera. 

The woman was surprised to find a couple of mysterious care packages appearing on her doorstep.

One video shows someone wearing an oversized T-rex outfit dropping off a package.

The packages contained candy, snacks and toys and games for kids along with beer and wine for the adults. 


Police in Alabama say officers are searching for an ``aggressive chicken'' accused of engaging in fowl play at a bank. The Walker Police Department posted on social media over the weekend that officers responded to a complaint about the brazen animal Friday. Witnesses told police the chicken had been spotted at the bank multiple times, approaching patrons at the ATM, chasing customers and even attempting to climb into cars. Officials said officers responded within a few minutes of the call, but found the chicken had already escaped. The suspect remains on the loose and police advised residents to avoid confronting it.