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Earlier in the week we talked about an aggressive  chicken attacking people at an ATM in Alabma,

Now police in India said officers suspecting thieves were behind the damage to an ATM in a bank kiosk reviewed security camera footage and discovered the machine had been partially disassembled by a curious monkey.

Delhi police said officers were summoned to the State Bank of India ATM kiosk  after the cash machine was found partially disassembled.

Police reviewed security camera footage, expecting to see the work of human thieves, but instead found video of a monkey removing the ATM's front panel.  The footage shows the monkey climbing into the machine and inspecting its inner workings before fleeing the scene.


Eleven-year-old Jorja Bolla wanted to cheer up older adults in the nursing homes around her hometown of Beatrice, Nebraska.

So Jorja and her eight-year-old sister Journee led their pony Peanut up to the windows of three nursing homes.

Jorja is hoping to develop a program for the residents to be able spend more time with Peanut when things get back to normal.