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May 13

A surprised visitor to a bank in India captured video of a large snake that slithered into an ATM kiosk and ended up climbing into the machine. The video shows the snake exploring the glass ATM enclosure after being locked inside by a bank security guard.

 The footage shows the snake climbing up the ATM and slithering into a hole at the top of the machine.

 The bank security guard contacted wildlife officials, and the snake was removed and released back into the wild. Reports varied on whether the snake was a venomous species or a harmless rat snake.

Seagulls aren’t exactly known for showing restraint around unattended food. A flock of the sea birds has been blamed for devouring dozens of donations left outside of a charity food bank in Worcester, England.
The seagulls there have a reputation for dive-bombing people, and councilors have even called for a controlled cull. In the latest attack, the birds destroyed food left outside the city’s food bank over the weekend.
The food bank posted about the gull attack on Facebook, writing in part, “Your donations are so precious to us—the last thing we want is seagulls dining out on them. That’s sadly what happened to these bags left outside our warehouse when we were closed. Please remember to only drop items off when we’re open—or call us and we can arrange a doorstep collection.”