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MAY 14

 A Dutch man wasted no time when COVID-19 restrictions were loosened in the Netherlands -- heading out to get a tattoo of what he calls ``the product of the year.''  Local media report the man from  Rotterdam has brand new ink of... a roll of toilet paper.

The 56-year-old took advantage of the government easing restrictions to visit the Tattoo Grot parlour for a picture of a roll of T-P on a hanger emblazoned with the year 2020


Clinton, Connecticut police came to the recuse to one mom whose son was not that happy about having to do his school work.

Police said they responded to the home after getting a report of loud noises and it turned out that the source of the noise was a 5-year-old who was “voicing his displeasure” about having to do his reading.

Police explained to the kid the importance of doing his schoolwork and to listen to his mom.

The boy agreed to do what police asked and the situation was resolved.