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Variety is the key to happiness. 

Researchers looked at the GPS signal from the phones of 132 people for three to four-months.

They found that those who had been to the most places and spent a similar amount of time in each were more likely to say they felt happy or excited.


A University of North Carolina track coach paid tribute to one of the school's most famous alumni by unofficially breaking a world record for dribbling a basketball for a full mile.

Dylan Sorensen, who coaches the long distance runners at the university, said he was inspired by the Michael Jordan ESPN documentary The Last Dance to do something special for his 30th birthday.


Sorensen celebrated his birthday Friday by buying a basketball from Dick's Sporting Goods and taking it to the asphalt track at McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill.

The running coach donned a Michael Jordan 23 basketball jersey and ran a mile while dribbling the ball in 4 minutes, 37 seconds.

The previous record for the feat was 4 minutes, 52 seconds.

 Sorensen filmed his run, but it was unclear whether there was sufficient evidence for the coach to get a Guinness World Record for his feat.