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May 21

A South Carolina restaurant partially reopening for dine-in customers is keeping the tables compliant with social distancing guidelines by filling the dining room with blow-up dolls.

The Open Hearth restaurant in Taylors closed its dining room due to the COVID-19 pandemic March 17 and was allowed to reopen with a reduced capacity and a requirement that customers are seated 6 feet apart.

The owners of the eatery, said they didn't want the restaurant to look empty when customers came in to eat.

Owners  ordered "the G-rated kind" of inflatable dolls from Amazon, dressed them up like customers and seated them at tables that would be off-limits to diners.


After Being Told 'Ladies Will Find Him More Attractive' If He Uses Filters on His Pics, Man Posts Photos That Show Him Holding Vacuum, Coffee Pot, and Humidifier Filters

A Kentucky man has gone viral after posting pictures with 'filters'.The guy  didn't adjust the brightness or saturation on his photos, or post them on Instagram .

Instead the man filters were the kinds found in cooling systems, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, and coffee pots.