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MAY 22

A man in California plans to marry his cat in order to raise money for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Los Angeles. Scott Perry says he adopted his cat, Olivia, from the organization back in 2015 and now she is his constant companion. He added that the last two months of quarantine inspired him to plan a wedding to Olivia, and he's created a wedding page on and a “registry” that’s actually just a fundraiser for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Perry says the wedding will be live-streamed Saturday (May 23rd) on his Instagram page, and that he’s hoping to raise $5,000 for the shelter.



A Virginia family out for a ride to get a change of scenery after being holed up at home due to the coronavirus found nearly $1 million in two bags lying in the road. The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg reports David and Emily Schantz left their Caroline County home with their children Saturday and drove their truck over what they thought was a bag of trash, then stopped and picked it up as well as another bag nearby. Only when they returned home did they discover the bags contained money. They contacted the sheriff's office, which determined where the money was headed.