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June 5

A bakery in Minnesota donated more than 800 cakes to local high school grads.

The owner initially planned to bake and donate a cake for all 220 members of a senior class at one local high school as a way to honor their accomplishment since they didn’t have a graduation due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

However, word quickly spread, and donations poured in from schools, parents, residents and other business owners with requests to bake cakes for their seniors, too.

So far, the bakery has produced more than 800 free, frosted cakes for 2020 grads at 12 schools.


A woman who was looking to get her morning coffee got a jolt that no cup of java could produce.

The woman  says she heard pounding at her front door _ and found two alligators fighting outside.

She says she called for her husband as the gators took turns trying to clamp down on each other with their powerful jaws.

After about 20 minutes of doing battle, one gator walked across the street to a neighbour's home while the other headed away from the area.

Area wildlife experts say the gators were tussling in reaction to being in a confined space and they could have been feisty because it's mating season.