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Children and faculty at a school in Saudi Arabia broke a Guinness World Record when they arranged 323,103 plastic bottle caps into an 8,984.6-foot chain.

Guinness said the British International School’s   chain of bottle caps beat the previous record for longest chain of bottle caps, which was set in the Netherlands with 260,866 bottle caps

The cap record came at the close of the school's plastic pollution awareness campaign, which saw students collecting the bottle caps with an eventual goal of taking them to a recycling center.

The school's record attempt raised money for local children in need of wheelchairs, leg braces and other needs.


It turns out that being nice may be good for your health.

 Scientific research is booming into human kindness and what scientists have found so far speaks well of us.

 Numerous studies show that when people perform acts of kindness they feel better, are happier and in some cases healthier.

When psychologists asked people to rank 10 values, benevolence or kindness beat hedonism, having an exciting life, creativity, ambition, tradition, security, obedience, seeking social justice and seeking power.