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Diver-recovers-17000-ring-from-bottom-of-California-river (1)

July 7

A California diver known as "Merman Mike" jumped into the Sacramento River and was able to recover a lost ring worth $17,000.


"Merman Mike" was approached by a man named Bill Fitty who heard about his underwater adventures and needed help finding a lost item.

 The man had dropped a ring into the Sacramento River that was a gift from his brother. He said the item was worth about $17,000.


"Merman Mile" said his first dive came up empty, so he dropped a brick into the water in the same spot where Fitty lost the ring, so he would have a better idea of where to look. Pelley surfaced from his second dive with the ring in his hand.


Fitty said he wanted to reward "Merman Mike" with $1,500 to buy an underwater metal detector for future dives.


A 38-year-old man was rushed to hospital after a fellow guest at a bachelor party in the Austrian Alps dared him to touch his tongue to a baby viper.

 The snake bit the man causing his tongue to swell.

 The Red Cross says party goers may have thought the young snake was a worm.