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1 bag man

Sept 1

 Some people complain about having to wear masks, but this guy likely doesn’t. A man in England was caught on camera standing beside a major roadway with a paper bag over his head as he waved to drivers passing by.

People took photos and videos of the mystery man and posted them to social media.nglish guy One woman who posted about the man noted she thought the move was “hilarious.”



Police in Oklahoma say they responded to a call on Saturday night (August 29th) about a man who was naked while going through a Taco Bell drive-thru.

The police report says A  61-year-old  was naked in his vehicle when ordering his food and paying for it.

He also reportedly asked for an extra taco, as well as extra sauce packets and napkins when he got up to the window.

When police detained him, he allegedly said his clothes were in the washer and he was unaware it was illegal to drive naked