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More than 150 people in Santa suits boarded jet skis in Australia to attempt a Guinness World Record and raise money for charity.

Organizers of the record attempt  in Queensland said a total 156 people dressed as Santa Claus rode jet skis to break a Guinness record and raise money for Christmas Presents for Kids in Care, a charity that distributes toys to children in foster care.

The organizers said they bested the previous record of 129 Santas on jet skis.


A Pennsylvania man is in Prison after state police say he called for help after running out of gas in a stolen SUV.

The guy called state police and asked for assistance after running out of gas with his Audi. When he was told a trooper was responding he said he didn’t want an officer before hanging up.

He was parked on state game land. While state police were on their way, a Pennsylvania State Game Warden arrived.  The trooper also learned as he drove to the location that a gray Audi had been reported stolen in Altoona earlier that day.

State police arrived and a check of the SUV’s make, model, vehicle identification number and registration confirmed it was stolen.  

The man was charged by state police with a felony count of receiving stolen property