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1 deer rescue


Animal control officers in Michigan rescued a deer found with its antlers entangled in an old rope swing suspended from a tree.

Animal Control Officer Mat Kuntz said he responded to a call for assistance from the St. Joseph Police Department when the buck was found caught on the rope swing.

Kuntz said it took about 20 minutes for the rescuers to calm the deer enough to free him from the swing. He said the deer was released unharmed.


Firefighters in Australia were summoned to a power pole to rescue a possum that was stuck in the pole's protective cover.

Fire and Rescue New South Wales said crews responded after being contacted by the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service charity.

WIRES  for short said the possum was found trapped deep inside the pole guard.

The firefighters used specialist rescue equipment to guide the possum through the guard to freedom.

The animal was taken for veterinary assessment by WIRES and will be released back into the wild.