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Alligators have been known to make their home in any number of places.But in Ohio, someone has decided to make a place for a gator to call home  in his basement.

The Madison Township Police Department posts on its Facebook account that wildlife officials seized a 25-year-old alligator being kept in a basement at a home in Groveport.

The owner of the beast didn't have a permit to keep an exotic animal _ and voluntarily surrendered the reptile. The gator's next home will be both above ground and above board. It will be taken to an animal sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


When you  think of Elephants most likely New  Jersey  is a very distant though after that. But that could change as the caretakers of New Jersey's Lucy the Elephant announced the landmark is being listed on Airbnb for three nights, allowing guests to stay inside the 138-year-old structure.

The announcement said the interior of the  elephant is being decorated in a Victorian style to resemble its appearance when it was a vacation home in the early 20th century.

Lucy is being listed for stays March 17, 18 and 19, and bookings will open March 5.

Proceeds from the $138 bookings -- a number chosen in recognition of the number of years since the elephant was built -- will go toward the Save Lucy Committee, the group that operates tours of the elephant and is responsible for its upkeep.