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Police in Ohio are warning of the dangers of distracted driving after a woman was caught on camera knitting behind the wheel.

 The Columbus Division of Police tweeted a video showing a driver at a stop light in Upper Arlington knitting behind the wheel of her vehicle.


Ohio law classifies distracted driving as a secondary offense, meaning police are not allowed to use it as the sole reason for pulling a driver over, but they can issue tickets for the offense if the traffic stop occurs for another violation.


"Distracted driving happens. We just don't want anyone to get injured or worse from someone distracted behind the wheel," the tweet said.


 A couple in England allowed their 11-year-old son to drive their car because they wanted him to stop playing the video game, “Grand Theft Auto.”

 Police found the boy driving in a parking lot. The parents said they were tired of him playing “Grand Theft Auto” all day so they let him drive their car. The couple is facing traffic violations.