Snoop Bloggy Blogg: Clean Your Dang Toothbrush


Quick Facts

Did you know there’s over 100 million bacteria on your toothbrush?

Yeah, that should set the right tone for your day...

All these dudes are living in a 3000 bristle condo with all the amenities.

Social Media Medical Advice

This story’s coming from the land of TikTok where everybody and their mother has a lifehack or a new fact or some sort of cheat code to make your day even more strenuous. But look no further than Dr. M, the magical TikToking dentist. Dr. M says we’re all cleaning our toothbrushes incorrectly.

What do you usually do when you’re done brushing? You run it under hot water, clean off all the toothpaste suds, and put it in the weird little toothbrush holding pot that your wife insists on keeping, right? WRONG!

Go take a look inside one of these and enjoy the thin layer of garbage juice on the bottom.

Your Life Got Hacked

He says that barely makes a negligible difference.

You wanna clean it the right way, punk? You hit that bad boy with soap and water and a bit of hydrogen peroxide, let it soak overnight, and rinse it in the morning.

Alternatively, if you aren’t prepared to start putting together a Mythbusters experiment, you can let your brush soak in some mouthwash.

Or maybe try some of the Forbidden Kool-Aid they use at the hairdresser's.

Try It Out

Hey man I’m just saying, I did the ol’ rinse and pray method for my whole life and it hasn’t killed me yet. 

But out of all the weird overkill lifehacks I’ve found online, it's certainly one of them.

As Always,

Have a great day and try not to break anything,