Snoop Bloggy Blogg: The Future of Medicine


Second Wind 2020

Mother Nature thought it was over for us. Mother Nature backed us into a corner. And what happens when we’re backed into a corner? We go up and we go over. Nature doesn't know what we're capable of. Nature had us hanging on the ropes, but we as a collective species ate lightning and crapped thunder... and then got some heartburn, but either way, England has the newest uppercut to put 2020 on its back.

You see that, nature?!

A New Hope

Researchers and scientists in England have been coming up with new technology to help save people in hard to reach areas, in half the time it would take a car, boat, or helicopter to get there. I'm talking none other than FLYING PARAMEDICS

Yeah! Throw a jetpack on their back, some jets on the arms and feet, and congratulations my friend, paramedic school was worth it because now you’re basically Iron Man. This is the closest thing to superhero school that we will ever get, honestly.

The first thing I thought when reading this is that we could absolutely use a few jetpacks for the paramedics over here, right? In British Columbia, especially when you get into the mountains down south, there are a lot of people who find themselves deep in the wilderness and can’t find their way out. I think flying paramedics would be a godsend for the people who inevitably find themselves a little too deep in back country snow.

If the future of medicine involves Iron Man suits, I'm all for it.


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