Snoop Bloggy Blogg: The Sauce Shelf


Hundy P Not Involved

So to start off I’d like to say that I’m going full Switzerland in this scenario. There are some debates I just don't get involved in, only because I don't actually care enough; debates such as which truck brand breaks down the most, or which video game system is better. I simply don’t have a dog in the fight, I don’t have money on this, so for today, I’m neutral because I hate ketchup.

Ketchup seems to be a huge debate topic right now because everyone’s arguing about whether or not ketchup should stay in the fridge or in the cupboard. It’s taken the internet by storm! It seems ketchup is always in the news, whether it's Canadians getting upset over which ketchup to buy, or drama surrounding the ketchup cups you get at fast food joints. However, it’s kinda nice that people are talking about something besides the Corona virus and the American election; I think I'd rather hear about ketchup nonstop every day for the rest of my life than literally anything politicians have to say.

Trust me, staring at this is more fun than listening to debates.

Jus Geniuses Weigh In

But experts say ketchup is acidic enough as it is, you could store it in room temperatures. I didn't realize there exist condiment experts (sauce specialists?) who have already left their two cents in the realm of public opinion. These dressing doyants have been feverishly at work determining the answer to the universe's most difficult question and who am I to disagree?

Personally, when I was growing up, we kept all condiments in the fridge, in the sauce shelf. If you grew up like I did, you know what I’m talking about.

Everybody's fridge had the top shelf just filled to the brim with bottles of sauces. Old sauces, new sauces, red sauces, blue sauces, it simply didn’t matter, all sauces were treated equally. And if there was no food in the house at all, you could be sure there were at least a dozen sauce bottles you could stare at longingly. And sometimes your dad would be getting the barbecue all ready for some steaks or some chicken, and he’d pull out a bottle of Worcestershire sauce or BBQ sauce and realize it expired three summers ago. The sauce shelf giveth and the sauce shelf taketh away. 

I think based solely on that, ketchup should remain in the fridge, just for the sake of culture! What kind of childhood did you have if you didn’t have the sauce shelf?

I spy with my little eye... an illustrious sauce shelf.

As Always,

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